Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Add blast jobs for a platform (fill in GUID of new platform):

INSERT INTO ClusterJobs (GUID, Command, Status, TargetGUID, Arguments, CreatorPersonGUID, CreationDateStamp)
SELECT GUID(), 'blast', 'Waiting', 'GUID_of_new_platform', Arguments, CreatorPersonGUID, NOW()
FROM ClusterJobs WHERE TargetGUID = '{67811838-3D94-47DA-95B6-7C6FC70FA46B}';

UPDATE ClusterJobs SET Status = 'Not running' WHERE Status = 'Waiting' AND Arguments != 'GRCh37';

2005-05-03 12:04:19 by Ilari Scheinin
2011-03-15 13:09:11 by Ilari Scheinin

GUID: {4539FDCD-BBB2-11D9-8EBC-000D93434510}