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2.4. Creating custom datasets
2. Searching from the database

There are two kinds of datasets that you can create: smart and regular datasets.

Regular datasets are static and you can manually add or remove microarray results, series or experiments to constuct a subset of CanGEM data that

Smart datasets can be created by saving the results of a search query. They are updated daily and email alerts can be sent whenever their contents change. You can also convert a smart dataset to a regular one, to lock its contents. At a later stage, you can convert it back to a smart dataset and it will remember the search conditions and update automatically.

If you have registered for a user account, your datasets are saved under you account, and will be accessible whenever you log in. If you do not have a user account, the datasets will be available to that web session only, and will disappear when you close your browser. In order to prevent that, you can register for a free user account.

If you have created datasets when not logged in to the service, all of the available datasets will be moved to your user account when you log in.

You can calculate aberration frequencies for you data sets, and these files can be downloaded from the web site, or visualized on site.

2007-08-20 17:41:35 by Ilari Scheinin
2007-08-20 17:41:35 by Ilari Scheinin

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