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4.1. Introduction
4. Submitting new data

If you want to submit new data to the CanGEM database, first you need to register for a (free) user account. Just press on the "register" link on the front page and fill in the form.

After you have registered, log in, and choose the desired project from the pop up menu in the upper right, and press Go. This will take you to the project page, which will display all the data within that project, and will also allow you to submit new data.

You can create the new items of the following data entities by pressing the "Add new..." links:
- microarray results
- microarray series
- microarray experiments
- microarray platforms
- samples
- protocols

(See this documentation entry for the definitions of different data entities.)

Some of the data entities are created just by filling out web forms, but microarray results and platforms require that you have uploaded the necessary files to the server. You can use the uploader by clicking on your name on the upper left part of the screen.

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