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1.2. Description of different data entities
1. General

This document describes the different data entities used in the database design. It is important to know these concepts to be able to use the service.

Microarray results is what you get when you upload the result files from the scanner/image analysis software to the database. These results are linked to the microarray platform, samples and protocols used to obtain the results. Results can be combined into series, and these series can be combined into experiments. For example, if you had results obtained using both cDNA and oligo platforms in one scientific article, you could group the them into two series called cDNA and Oligo. These two series could then be grouped together into one experiment, which corresponds to the published paper.

Here is an image outlining these data types:

data types

All of these data entities are contained within projects, which are used to control user permissions. Access rights can be set on a per user account or per research group basis.

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