Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Turku HUM 16K cDNA

The Finnish DNA Microarray Centre
spotted cDNA
Homo sapiens
Our microarrays are arrayed on poly-L-lysine coated glass slides. Currently the
technique allows us to print approximately 32 000 spots on a single glass slide.
Each slide contains a number of reference genes. Strict quality controls are
applied to each batch we produce.
This array contains approximately 16 000 annotated genes selected from our
Research Genetics clone library spotted in duplicate on a glass slide.
Data Files
Turku.fasta (6.15 MB)
GRCh37.txt (316.83 KB)
NCBI36.txt (316.69 KB)
NCBI35.txt (316.59 KB)
NCBI34.txt (315.99 KB)

2005-07-20 14:58:55 by Ilari Scheinin
2005-08-30 18:56:27 by CanGEM

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