Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Agilent Human 1 cDNA Microarray (G4100A) [layout B]

Agilent Technologies
spotted cDNA
Homo sapiens
12,814 unique clones, 97% map to named human genes
Sourced from Incyte's UniGene 1 and Human Drug Target DNA clone sets
Barcode location:Bottom
Scan Side:Front
Data Files
GRCh37.txt (347.49 KB)
NCBI36.txt (347.48 KB)
NCBI35.txt (347.08 KB)
NCBI34.txt (346.2 KB)

2005-05-19 17:59:59 by Ilari Scheinin
2010-02-17 22:19:31 by Ilari Scheinin

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