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Larramendy et al.: Gene copy number profiling of soft-tissue leiomyosarcomas by array-comparative genomic hybridization.

Larramendy ML, Kaur S, Svarvar C, Böhling T, Knuutila S.
Leiomyosarcoma (LMS) is a rare malignant mesenchymal tumor of smooth muscle cells. Chromosomal aberrations in LMS have been studied, but the cytogenetic data that have been published so far are complex, limited, and incomplete. Here, we performed for the first time a high-resolution genome-wide array comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) analysis (aCGH) on a pool of 14 low- and high-grade LMS cases to obtain gene-level information about the amplified and deleted regions that may play a role in the development and progression of LMS. Our aCGH results indicated that 2,218 genes were involved in 25 altered chromosomal regions; 9 regions in low-grade LMS, 12 regions in high-grade LMS, and 4 minimal common regions shared by low- and high-grade LMS. The frequency of DNA copy number gains in high-grade LMS was threefold compared to low-grade LMS, whereas losses in low-grade LMS were almost twice as frequent as in high-grade LMS. Both low- and high-grade tumors shared two minimal common regions of gain (15q26 approximately qter and 17p13.1 approximately q11) and loss (6p12 approximately p21.3 and 13q14.3 approximately qter). Moreover, our findings indicated that low- and high-grade LMS and osteosarcoma share 12 genes located in the 17p amplicon. In conclusion, by using aCGH, we were able to define the precise location of the altered chromosomal areas and to identify putative tumor suppressor genes and oncogenes therein. The list of altered genes in the minimal common regions is available as at our web site (
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[+] Series: Soft tissue LMSCG-SER-15
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2006-09-07 13:37:10 by Sippy Kaur
2007-08-16 18:14:00 by Ilari Scheinin

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